Introductory Equine Bodywork Session/Evaluation-$100 varies depending on distance in a 150 mile radius

The Masterson Method, Integrated Performance Equine Bodywork.

In-Take Form. Gathering information about your horse. Analyse Symmetry movement in the horse.
Intial Evaluation and First Bodywork Session.
Final Evaluation.  Putting It Together

Complimentary Teeth Evaluation-  Using the skills learned from Jerry Schmidt to evaluate a horses teeth to determine if there any dental problems.that could be potentially causing problems that show ups in the body

-Pre/Post-Event Equine Bodywork

Bodywork sessions for Performance Horses to prepare them for show or event. Recommended to Schedule 3-4 days before the day of showing.

-Rehabilitation Performance Equine Bodywork

Offering Rehabilitation Performance Equine Bodywork Sessions for horses that developed restrictions and tension that is going to need more than 1-2 sessions. These sessions are developed and fitted to the needs of each horse with the goal of getting horses back to optimal performance and condition.

Rehabilitation Bodywork Sessions is offered to horses after they have gotten a Introductory Equine Bodywork Session.

Saddle Fit Evaluation-

First thing when choosing a saddle for your horse is get their opinion. Horses are very honest and they tell you if they accept it or not. Lick or chew, or ears pinning and tail swishing. There many issues and permanent damage that on saddles that don’t fit the horse. It is also important to have a saddle fit the rider. Common symptoms of saddles does not fit the rider is usually lower back problems, and rider can also have permanent damage.

I am happy to evaluate saddle fitting, and I am not endorsed by any saddle company or maker, so there is no bias on special brands. I am a fan of what fits and works with the horse. Book an appointment via Facebook or contact me.



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