Current price of bodywork as of January 17th, 2021

Christmas Special 11/27-1/16/2012

Introductory Equine Bodywork Session/Evaluation- varies depending on location and distances -$150

The Masterson Method, Integrated Performance Equine Bodywork.

Initial bodywork session/evaluation in-take information about your horse to collect information needed.  Initial evaluation includes Teeth and Dental Check, and Saddle Fit Check Evaluation.

Equine Bodywork Session- $150 Varies depending on location 

-Pre/Post-Event Equine Bodywork

Bodywork sessions for Performance Horses to prepare them for show or event. Recommended to Schedule 3-4 days before the day of showing.

Maintenance Equine Bodywork Session-

-Rehabilitation Performance Equine Bodywork- Ask For Price

Pre-Paid Bodywork Packages Available.  Get $25off on introductory Session

*Now Offering* Equine Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage- Contact for quote.  

Book your appointments through Facebook, or contact me by phone.

A deposit to hold your appointment if you are more than 45 miles from my location is required.  25% of invoice minimum needs to paid the day before your appointment. Will be open to travel 150+ miles for group appointments.

Book Now on Facebook


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