“Dwayne Johnstone has the most amazing bedside manner with horses. They love him because they he so obviously loves and understands them. He worked on several of my horses. I rescued on from the last chance auction pen who came scared, stiff, and broken.  After a couple of sessions with Dwayne, He connected relaxation and touch with someone besides me, providing tools I didn’t have previously.  Imminently committed and patient”

Lynn Baber, World and National Champion Trainer and Breeder.



“Dwayne is incredibly passionate, a true inspiration.” Janet


“Dwayne is the type of person everyone just loves being around. Strong work ethic, works miracles with the horses and they LOVE him.”

-AngelHaven RanchandRescue

Dwayne has done a wonderful job on all my rescue horses . Rehabilitating them for a better life . He also gives back to the Equine community by donating his work . We are honored to have him a part of team @ SWR Adoption 911- Candi


Pro Equine Therapy by Dwayne Johnstone, Dwayne has that special touch with horses and I paigephotography.com was fortunate to photograph him in action with a rescued horse named ‘Blue’ staying at St. Bonnies Sanctuary. Dwayne is a remarkable talent and inspiring young man. Just the one to call for Pro Equine Therapy. Thank You for the opportunity to make such beautiful images.-Paige


2 Responses to Testimonial/Endoresments

  1. Dwayne has the healing touch. He works on all our rescued babies and helps to gently rehab them back to health. I can’t thank him enough for all that he does. A wonderful spirit he is. You will see your horses respond immediately to his loving energy. We are honored and proud to have him as one of our service providers for team SWR rescue. ……..

  2. Petra Kagi says:

    I live in the Palo Pinto, TX area and can really recommend Dwaynes work – My horses got to know him yesterday and I was very pleased on how they responded to his massage techniques- they were literally staying in line to be next – he knows a lot about horses, their nature and witnessing on how they released their muscle tensions and could improve their mobility was amazing – glad you moved to Texas !

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