Q: How long should I wait before returning my horse to work?

A: Generally it is recommended to give a horse 3-4 days off after his bodywork session. When releasing tension, especially when they have accumulated lot of tension in the key junctions of the horse’s body such as the poll, lactic acid gets released into the bloodstream from the muscles in the process of being eliminated out through the urine. Horses can be sore, dull, and feel “off”. Also, I don’t want the tension they release come back when going back to work after their session. It’s best to give them a few days off than returning back to work gradually to normal workload. Make sure to have plenty of water for your horse drink.

Another Answer: It depends on the horses needs, tolerance, and type of work that he is being asked to do. Some horses response better than others, and they are fine with doing work after their session, in most cases just a easy ride around the property or trail. Just to keep in mind, the horse’s body is still responding to the bodywork and in a relaxed state. Doing some light movements can be beneficial to the horse. In general, it is best to give the horse a few days off and let him adjust his body, and especially after the introductory session to see how your horse response to the work. It is normal for a horse to be little sore, dull, and “off” after bodywork and should resolve with in a few days.


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