“Dwayne Johnstone has the most amazing bedside manner with horses. They love him because they he so obviously loves and understands them. He worked on several of my horses. I rescued on from the last chance auction pen who came scared, stiff, and broken.  After a couple of sessions with Dwayne, He connected relaxation and touch with someone besides me, providing tools I didn’t have previously.  Imminently committed and patient”

Lynn Baber, World and National Champion Trainer and Breeder.



“Dwayne is incredibly passionate, a true inspiration.” Janet


“Dwayne is the type of person everyone just loves being around. Strong work ethic, works miracles with the horses and they LOVE him.”

-AngelHaven RanchandRescue

Dwayne has done a wonderful job on all my rescue horses . Rehabilitating them for a better life . He also gives back to the Equine community by donating his work . We are honored to have him a part of team @ SWR Adoption 911- Candi


Pro Equine Therapy by Dwayne Johnstone, Dwayne has that special touch with horses and I paigephotography.com was fortunate to photograph him in action with a rescued horse named ‘Blue’ staying at St. Bonnies Sanctuary. Dwayne is a remarkable talent and inspiring young man. Just the one to call for Pro Equine Therapy. Thank You for the opportunity to make such beautiful images.-Paige



  1. I live in the Palo Pinto, TX area and can really recommend Dwaynes work – My horses got to know him yesterday and I was very pleased on how they responded to his massage techniques- they were literally staying in line to be next – he knows a lot about horses, their nature and witnessing on how they released their muscle tensions and could improve their mobility was amazing – glad you moved to Texas !

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