Barefoot Trimming – $45(only within 30 miles from Santo, Texas)



Introductory Equine Bodywork Session/Evaluation- varies depending on location and distances -75

The Masterson Method, Integrated Performance Equine Bodywork.

Initial bodywork session/evaluation is getting to know the horse first time and evaluating their needs for bodywork.

Bodywork Sessions are cumulative after the first session,  and may take more than one session to get a complete evaluation of the horse.    It is recommended to have a follow up appointment scheduled within a few weeks.  

                                                                Pre/Post-Event Equine Bodywork

Bodywork sessions for Performance Horses to prepare them for show or event. Recommended to Schedule 3-4 days before the day of showing.

                                                 Maintenance Equine Bodywork Session

    Bodywork is great in maintaining the horses body and preventing injuries.   Helps to detect a injury in the early stage.


 Equine Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  For Horses that has lymph swelling, stocking up, and old swelling from an infection.  Massage focused on moving and draining excess lymph fluid.  Can be used as a rehab or preventative.   It helps horses with laminitis.  


Can book an appointment through Facebook. 

Call/text message

A deposit to hold your appointment if you are more than 45 miles from my location, Santo,Texas.  At least 25% of invoice needs to be paid by the day before your appointment. Will be open to travel 150+ miles for group appointments.   


Group rates:  Will Travel for one horse,  but if you have organized a group same same day, I will waive farm call fee depending on number of horses.  Contact me for information.

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